Epistolary (CA)

A musical revolution : Quebec's very first immersive music video !
A musical revolution : Quebec's very first immersive music video !

The place

KIKK Market



Hours and dates

  • From 10am to 6pm daily

Vivid Memory is a creative studio that transcends music stories through immersive installations, scenography, and most recently immersive music videos.  VMS collaborates with artists to create and produce interactive story-driven experiences where innovation and music are at the center stage of all projects. From Montreal, Canada, they are a team of creators, technologists and producers passionate about art, music and technology whose desire is to offer a playground to creators and elevate the music experience. For their last immersive music video project : EPISTOLARY, Vivid Memory Studios collaborated with music artist KROY and the immersive virtual platform Archiv VR to imagine the new generation of music videos where two worlds collide.

Vivid Memory
Archiv VR


Epistolary is an immersive and innovative fusion of music, video, and virtual reality, created in collaboration with Quebecois artist KROY, Vivid Memory Studios, and Archiv VR. This groundbreaking event marks the first Quebecois virtual music video, propelling the music industry into new horizons.

Music : KROY, with her enchanting voice and captivating compositions, takes a central role in this immersive musical experience. Her music transcends boundaries and explores deep and emotional themes. In Epistolary, she combines her musical talent with technological innovation to create a captivating and immersive experience.

Artistic Direction and Production : Vivid Memory Studios excels in designing interactive and immersive experiences. For Epistolary, they crafted a narrative and environment in harmony with the song and the artist. This has been translated into various presentation media, including an exhibition, a music video, and a virtual clip, all with the aim of immersing you in the emotional universe of the song. You won’t just be a spectator ; you’ll experience KROY’s music like never before.

Virtual Reality and Broadcasting : Archiv VR, a pioneer in creating immersive environments and preserving cultural heritage, is the key partner in this digital adventure. Their expertise in virtualizing artworks has allowed us to create a high-quality immersive visual universe to complement KROY’s music. Thanks to their innovative platform, we dive into a digital world where music and art meet in a revolutionary way.

By collaborating with these three creative forces, Epistolary offers a unique artistic experience where music, digital art, and virtual reality converge into a multidimensional experience. It’s a celebration of Quebecois artistic innovation that unites generations, cultures, and borders.