Founded in Namur in 2011, the non-profit organization KIKK is committed to building bridges between the arts, sciences, culture and technology. KIKK transforms and densifies space. Free-spirited and daring, KIKK stands between technological innovation and creativity, refreshing the foundations of a reinvented economy.

On a daily basis, KIKK organizes events, stages exhibitions, supports the production of artistic works and participates in the emergence of new projects, which it then supports and promotes.

With an eye to the horizon and beyond, and a fierce tendency to cross-disciplinary clearing: the association is organic. It evolves, impetuous, according to the seasons, carried by winds and tides, that it never covers twice in the same way.

Its aim: to mix fields, genres and generations, to question the multiple uses of new technologies, and in so doing, foreshadow the new challenges of a world on the move.

Every year, KIKK organizes the eponymous international festival in Namur, which showcases digital practices in the broadest sense. For its 11th edition in 2022, the event attracted over 25,000 visitors (professionals and the curious alike) from nearly 40 nationalities.

KIKK is also a founding partner of TRAKK: Namur’s creative hub, Fablab and Médialab. The Fablab is a place for experimentation and sharing, enabling the general public to familiarize themselves with machine tools.

Since its opening in 2021, KIKK has also been in charge of Le Pavillon, a new permanent exhibition space that mixes art, science and technology, with the aim of enabling as many people as possible to understand and appropriate the impact of technological innovations on our society.

For several years now, KIKK has also had its own media outlet, kingkong-mag, a digital medium at the cutting edge of digital and creative culture.

KIKK is active in many different areas of society: in the art world, in the corporate world and in the corridors of universities, in contact with children, makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, artists and so on.

As a contortionist, the association likes to do the splits, as evidenced by its many projects, collaborations and activities. KIKK doesn’t stand still, and that’s a good thing, because it’s where you least expect it.

Unpredictable and indomitable, he’s on his way, so don’t hesitate to say hello if you cross his path.

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The theme of the festival “Bodies of Water” will look at the entanglement of life and water, the vital element for all known forms of life. Our body, like the surface of the earth, is more than 60 percent water. The earliest life forms on earth appeared in water and our ​civilization has historically flourished around rivers and major waterways. We sweat, we urinate, we ingest, we ejaculate, we menstruate, we breastfeed, we breathe, we cry. The process of life is very much entangled with fluids, as scientist & environmental activist, David Suzuki puts it “our cells are inflated by water, our metabolic reactions mediated in aqueous solution”.

This notion of flow, of circulation, is everywhere and connected to a state of becoming, through the natural and physical processes of the transforming states of materials;  from melting ice, running water, oxidizing copper to the circulatory system. Water flows are akin to veins and arteries in a body. Not only in human bodies but also non-human, plant, geophysical, meteorological and technological bodies. The 12th edition of KIKK festival will investigate the flows of the world, maritime, fluvial flows, but also flows of power, of culture, politics and economics in relation to the systems of power in place in our society. It will address the climate crisis in connection with water circulation and follow our history of navigating water bodies to narrate the stories of our hyper connected society.

Marie du Chastel, artistic director of KIKK and curator of the KIKK festival

The KIKK team

Watch the talks from previous editions

Watch the talks from previous editions

More about the Festival

The KIKK Festival is an international festival of digital and creative cultures. Its interest lies in the artistic and economic implications of new technologies. The event gathers people of all backgrounds from all around the world. They are designers, scientists, makers, entrepreneurs, artists, architects, developers or musicians.

They come to KIKK to tell you their personal anecdotes, to share professional experiences and innovative ideas, to present an artwork, a project or a product. You return home full of inspiration with plenty of contacts and new passions.

This year, the KIKK Festival website was created by Unseen Studio. With unflagging patience, impeccable communication and unrivalled energy, this brilliant team imagines, discusses, solves… and provides the striking, unforgettable design for the Bodies of Water festival theme.